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Meet our alumni network.


In the past few years, Coders Across Disciplines (CAD) has been able to expand its reach significantly within the UT Austin community. Our alumni network is steadily growing, and these alums can become valuable resources to you as incoming CAD members. Utilizing new skills learned in CAD, our alumni have gained competitive internships, careers, and post-graduate opportunities at reputable companies and universities. In an effort to give back, our alumni are always open to sharing advice and supporting current students in their professional endeavors.


Below we showcase several alumni who exemplified strong leadership and contributed significantly to the organization's development through their passion and hard work. We ask that you respect their time if you choose to reach out to them.

Current Officers

Get to know our executive team!


Former Officer Role: President

Majors: Chemical Engineering

Current Role: Data Scientist

Company: Wayfair


Former Officer Role: VP Internal

Majors: Computer Engineering

Current Role: Software Engineer

Company: Google


Officer Role: VP External

Majors: MIS, CS Certificate

Current Role: Consultant

Company: SenseCorp


Officer Role: President

Majors: Chemical Engineering

Current Role: Grad Student

Company: UC Berkeley

Many of our incoming officers have grown with Coders Across Disciplines for the past few years. They come from different majors and academic experiences. However, they share a passion for helping the next generation of students gain competency in relevant tech skills.

Below we have CAD's officer roster for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.


President | Katie Truong

VP External | Carli Jorgenson

VP Internal | Claire Zheng

VP Advancement | Kunal Jain

We are recruiting for open officer positions on a rolling basis. Currently, the roles we are searching for include Education Director, Membership Director, Finance Director, and Publicity Director. These roles perform important duties within the organization, and we would like to stress that these roles require dedication and significant time commitment. If you are driven and self-motivated, we would love to have you on our officer team. Please fill out the form below.

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