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Coders Across Disciplines

The University of Texas at Austin's multi-disciplinary coding organization.


Coders Across Disciplines, a student-led organization at The University of Texas at Austin, seeks to enable students—of all majors and backgrounds—to develop coding literacy skills. Our general meetings, workshops, and corporate exposure events encourage students to gain valuable programming skills and connect with exciting professional opportunities.


Since its inception, Coders Across Disciplines (CAD) has sought to build an inclusive community on-campus for students whose primary academic focus lies outside of Computer Science. As a result, our members include curious, multi-disciplinary students from the McCombs School of Business, Cockrell School of Engineering, Moody School of Communication, and other university programs.


Beyond academic inclusivity, we aim to attract traditionally underrepresented students in tech, including women and minorities. As the organization evolves, we continue to prepare these students to succeed in rapidly advancing tech industries. Our alumni have gone on to pursue careers at Google, Microsoft, and Dell, just to name a few. Others pursue post-graduate opportunities at universities such as UC Berkeley.

Through our programs, we facilitate a conducive learning environment for students to gain proficiency in multiple coding languages. Our weekly Beginner Python workshop series act as the foundation for our members to tackle new languages and eventually lead independent or team-based coding projects. Through our many development opportunities, Coders Across Disciplines provides vital resources for students to learn and practice relevant coding skills in both personal and professional settings.

If you're interested in joining a community of high-achieving, well-rounded students, we invite you to join our organization and get involved.

Flagship Events

Get involved at our all-inclusive, year round events.

Develop your professional network, gain new skills, and find a community on campus. We invite you to attend our events which are open to all UT Austin undergraduate and graduate students. For more info, please join our Facebook group.

General Meetings

Date: Monday (Bi-Weekly)

Time: 6-7 p.m.

Location: PAR 301

Covering a wide variety of topics, bi-weekly general meetings update members on important upcoming events. These meetings help showcase the extensive fields in which coding can be applied through brief company info sessions, professor panels, coding mini-series, and much more. 

Coding Workshops

Date: Monday (Bi-Weekly), alternating with GMs

Time: 6-7 p.m.

Location: PAR 301

Formatted for beginners and intermediates, coding workshops allow students to improve their programming

skills alongside other students of similar skill levels. Our Python workshops are taught by experienced coders who help bring students to a level at which these students can confidently code with little to no assistance.  

Hack For Good

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD


Scheduled for the spring semester, Hack for Good allows coders of intermediate and expert skill levels to put their skills to the test. Using relevant prompts created by local non-profit organizations, students showcase their coding skills either individually or in teams to solve a complex problem. Our 12-hour hack-a-thon also include interesting workshops and corporate engagement activities.

Looking to learn more? Interested in planning our next event? Let our team at Coders Across Disciplines know what you'd like to learn or do in the coming semester.

Since we represent a diverse pool of students, we constantly seek to expand our lecture and workshop series to include more relevant coding languages or technical skills for our members. We also want members within our organization to develop a tight bond, so we would love to collaborate on social events and activities. Share your suggestions below, and we will try our best to accommodate if your idea generates interest.

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